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Townsend Regulation Height & Width Croquet hoop - ideal for family and garden play ...

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A standard set of croquet hoops comprises 4 white hoops, 1 red hoop, and 1 blue hoop. Generally speaking, there are two types of croquet hoop: tournament hoops, and garden hoops. The difference between these two types is not size, but construction, and ease of use. Tournament hoops are made to be less flexible (and hence less forgiving), and are therefore often made from cast iron, and the part that is driven into the ground is often in the form of a carrot, which helps to provide greater stability and improved reliability of the hoop width. The problem with tournament hoops, especially for garden use, is that they are much more expensive, and they are difficult to set up properly, especially if they are not being used on a perfect croquet lawn. In most gardens, you will find, unless a proper hoop drill is used, the gap often becomes too narrow by the time the hoop is driven in, and the game becomes too difficult. Wire hoops, however, of the type shown here are far more practical for garden and family use, and much cheaper!
  • Ideal Replacement croquet hoops
  • Solid painted steel
  • 17-inches (44cm) high (5 in the ground if set to regulation 12 height)
  • 12cm outside width with a gap of 10cm
  • Diameter: 10 mm
  • Suits Garden Games Townsend, Longworth & Hurlingham sets, and all other reglation-size croquet sets.
  • Ideal for family and garden play
The regulations for hoops say that they should have uprights which are 5/8" diameter, a gap which is between 4" and 3 3/4" wide, and the crown of the hoop should be 12" above the ground. Our garden hoops shown here are regulation height and width. While the most important parts of a croquet set are the mallets and the balls, the hoops need to be chosen with some care. These hoops are very easy to set up for family and garden use and represent great value for money.

If you compare these to other brands of croquet hoops, you will probably see no difference at all, other than the fact that these are half the price. All in all, our Townsend replacement croquet hoops represent great value for money, and are ideal if you wish to replace a lost hoop, or improve the look of your croquet lawn by replacing old and rusty or bent hoops in your existing set.

Garden Games is a UK manufacturer who were one of the first companies to manufacture games specifically for adult and family play in the garden, starting with the Hi-tower Giant Jenga Style games and branching out to produce Croquet Sets, Action Climbing Frames and Garden Games that are suitable for all the family. In 2003,Garden Games took over the croquet business of Townsend Croquet, a brand known in croquet circles for its high-quality croquet sets at a more affordable price. They have continued to develop the Townsend range over the years, maintaining Townsend's reputation for value croquet sets. In our opinion, John Cardy and his team at Garden Games have done an exceedingly good job. Not only have prices remained about the same, but the quality of these sets has been raised even further. We are very pleased, therefore, to recommend the full range of Garden Games croquet equipment to anyone considering buying a croquet set.

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